Sweet/Sewage & Salt water service

Sweet water Services.

The sweet water is mainly used for filling up swimming pools, Restaurants,, Residential complex, construction sites or areas where there is no pipeline. It is also used by consumers when Government water is shut due to some emergency.

Ali Al Kendi is the reliable sweet water provider supplier in all over UAE, and we are supplying it from DUBAL. DUBAL’s potable water meets the Dubai Municipality and World Health Organization (“WHO”) drinking water quality requirements. Through a dedicated team and quality focus, we have established ourselves as the most trustworthy brand for supply of sweet water in Dubai, UAE. We have a wide range of tank capacity from 1000 Gallon to 10,000 Gallon.

Sewage water Services.
Sewage water is also referred to as waste water or sewerage. It is a water-carried waste that is intended to be removed from a community. Since, sewage is a mixture of harmful chemicals and toxics, proper collection, transportation and safe disposal is a necessity of every urbanized society of the world.

Al Al Kendi is playing a key role in the removal of sewage water in all over UAE. We have a large number of tankers in the market currently we are in the top company for carrying liquid waste management services in Dubai. While transporting and disposing the sewage, we strictly comply with the standards stipulated by the local authorities. For sewage water removal we have a wide range of tanks from 1,000 Gallon to 10,000 Gallon.

Salt water Services.

Salt water is commonly used for ground works. Our large number of fleet of salt water tankers performs this job efficiently & effectively. Mostly collected as sea water or ground water salt water is key material for construction. It is available in1000 Gallons, 1500 Gallons, 5000 Gallons & 10,000 Gallons capacities. Salt water is an important material for construction industry.